Your Sightings

Have you spotted an interesting insect, bird, butterfly, mammal, wild flower or fungi ?

Spring is slowly gathering momentum and wildlife will soon be popping up around the reserve.
If you see a Bumblebee, Hoverfly Ladybird or maybe a Butterfly over the next few weeks, please make a note of when and where and sent the details to this website using the contact form below.

Here is a list of species that have been recorded on the reserve in the past.


2 responses to “Your Sightings

  1. Today we joined the FoLR for pond dipping. It was fantastic – great fun. We all loved it, thank you very much. We saw lots of pond snails and a tiny freshwater mussel.

  2. Yesterday 19/04/11 my friend and I went for a lovely picnic with our children right in the middle of lancing ring chalk pit area. Hot sunny spring day – when exploring with the children (all under 5) we found an adder which was only a few feet away from us – i think it must have been sunbathing and then we were walking past and it slithered away into the bushes. Was interesting to see but a bit worrying as one of the children could have easily stepped on it as it was that close to us!

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