Spring AGM

The Committee were re-elected at the AGM on Saturday and will remain the same as last year, with the exception of Ann Russell who has had to stand down due to ill health.  Ann was one of the original members of the Friends of Lancing Ring and was there from the very start.  She worked hard to help the group become what it is today and until only recently was a Committee member.  The members of the FOLR and the Committee would like to say a big thank you to her for all she has done over the years and we are sorry that her health has prevented her carrying on.




Spring AGM & Coffee Morning

The AGM and Coffee Morning will be on Sat 22nd March at the usual place. (Monks Farm Presbytery, North Road. Lancing) We are hoping to have cakes, plants, jigsaw puzzles, crafts, books, bric-a-brac, raffle and refreshments.

Also, Henry is cancelling the April task day as it falls on Easter Day this year.

Spring is in the air

Sweet Violets

Sweet Violets

Adrienne spotted these as she took advantage of a respite from the rain.

Our rich and varied wild haven, in the Herald newspaper

Lancing Herald Article

by Joe Riddle, with additions by Adrienne and Ray

Workplace Volunteering

From time to time we have had Employee workplace volunteers offering to help with the work on the Reserve.  If your company or employees are interested in helping out in any way do contact our Chair or Secretary or use the form below.  It can be a useful team building experience and can be a very pleasant day making a real difference to our countryside areas.

New Funding award from Waitrose

The Friends of Lancing Ring were selected as one of three local community groups to receive money from the Waitrose in store green tokens in October 2013. Just before Christmas we went to the Worthing store and were delighted to receive a cheque for £240 which will be very useful. We would like to thank all those who supported us during October and the team at Waitrose who selected us.

~ Adrienne

Task Day 17-11-2013

The team got busy on clearing out some of Gorse and Bramble that has sprung up at the edge of the Dewpond.
Thanks to Mark Emery for the photos.


get down under it.. Its got to go! Henry shows mark his saw technique The Dewpond is getting a little overgrown Stuck in brambles again! Determination ..This is how its done! jump on it a bit... that will work ! stand back.. timbeeeer Have saw... will cut stuff down to ground level There's always time for a chat. its part of the fun

The RSPB has designated the South Downs as a Futurescape..

Name: Emily Clark
Email: emily.clark@rspb.org.uk
Message: Hello

The RSPB has designated the South Downs as a Futurescape to celebrate and help encourage the responsible use and enjoyment of this amazing place.

We have also launched our first ever South Downs Futurescape Photography Competition and would very much appreciate it if you would highlight the competition to your group members, or feature us in your newsletter.

Through our competition you can help us to highlight the beauty of the South Downs and help the RSPB to do more for habitats and wildlife there. In the future we hope that stone curlews will flock to raise their chicks on healthy farmland, water voles will be safe to make their homes in our rivers and brooks, butterflies will abound on gloriously preserved chalk grassland and in well-managed woodland, and nightjars will fill the night skies over heathland with their churring calls.

The competition runs until 28 February 2014.  To find out more about our categories, judges and to view prizes, rules and Terms & Conditions, please visit our webpage at: http://www.rspb.org.uk/futurescapes/southdowns/photo-competition.aspx

We are happy to provide more information should you need it.

With many thanks,
Emily Clark


News Updates

1. The Friends of Lancing Ring are to be one of the Waitrose in-store community groups for October.

We were delighted to receive an email from Waitrose telling us of the news.

How it works – shoppers are given a green token and they put it in the tub for one of the 3 chosen groups.  At the end of the month they add up the tokens and we will receive a share of £1000, depending on the number of the tokens given to our cause.  This will be great as it will help us replace some equipment.  Please tell friends and family about us and ask for their support and don’t forget to pop into Waitrose if you have any tokens lying around at home from previous shops.

All support will be gratefully received.

2. We will not be holding our Autumn Coffee morning this year.

The Committee regretfully decided that the work falls to a very small number of people and the amount taken makes the Coffee morning unviable.  We are sorry if anyone is inconvenienced by this.

3. We will be at the Lancing Christmas Street Fair on 7th Dec instead.  More details to follow.