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Ring Seats

A page about the Benches that have been provided for walkers on the reserve

Autumn Coffee Morning

We are having our ‘Autumn Coffee Morning’ in the Church Hall, The Church of the Holy Family, Lancing.
Doors open at 10.00am to noon. As usual i am on the scrounge for items to sell to boost funds, bric-a-brac, books, jigsaw puzzles and plants, every little helps. contact Sue on 01903 762769.

A good opportunity to meet friends over a cup of coffee and renew your membership.

Task Mornings are still the third Sunday of the month, we meet in Mill Road car park at 10.00am.
Half an hour can make a huge difference.

Upcoming Events for the Summer of 2010 on the Reserve

We will meet at the Mill Road car park at 10.30am

Cancellled due to wet weather
On the Sunday of the RAFA Airday weekend we will be by the Dewpond hoping to raised the profile of FOLR. Why not come along and say “hello” and have a glass of fruit punch? For the children and grandchildren there will be butterfly and flower identification chart, Ispy games and a treasure hunt. We will have a manned gazebo by thedewpond between 12 and 3pm.

We would love to see you.

The FOLR and the North Lancing Community Association are
combining for a bat walk in MacIntyres field and the Nature Reserve.
There are at least 2 varieties of bats in the area and, weather
permitting, it should be an interesting walk. Meet as 6.25pm (dusk) at
the Children’s playground in the Manor Park. Why not join us? We
will have charts and information to help you.

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