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Tree Charter Day

   Trees donated by the Woodland Trust are to be planted by the Lancing Parish Council at some of their sites and members of FoLR are invited to go along and join in with a spade and their expertise at tree planting!

Meet at Monks Rec at 10am on 30th Nov (weather permitting).

Ash Dieback


Ash dieback (also known as Chalara) is a fungal disease from Asia which is now affecting our native ash trees.  Unfortunately our native trees have no natural defences to this fungus which is spread by spores.  It affects trees of all ages. The fungus grows inside the trees and stops them being able to take up water and nutrients. This causes shoots, leaves and eventually the tree to die back.

It is estimated that ash dieback will eventually destroy over 90% of ash trees in this country. This will dramatically change the landscape of our countryside and will affect species that use ash for feeding, breeding and as a habitat.

Ash dieback has been found for some time in other places nearby and, sadly has now reached the Reserve.  The Friends of Lancing Ring are working with Adur & Worthing Council to identify and manage affected trees.  We will be following the National Tree Council guidance in managing the situation.  Dead trees will be felled by the Council and infected ones will be monitored and managed to ensure they are safe.  You may see the top crowns of some of the old established trees gradually dying back and some of these may be reduced to put less strain on the trees.  The national guidance is to resist rushing into drastic action as it will make no difference to the spread of the fungus and it is hoped that by taking time to deal with this disease it may be possible to identify any trees in the country that show natural resistance.

We will be starting a programme to plant different tree species to replace any felled ash trees.  By planting a mixture of tree species it is estimated that about 84% of species that use ash trees will be supported.   Priority will always be safety.  The first of the dead trees in the Clump will be felled during this autumn / winter.


 You can help by joining the Friends of Lancing Ring and financially supporting our work.

 You can help by coming along to our replacement tree plantings when they are advertised.

 You can help by coming along to help us keep the new trees clear of bramble and scrub to give them the best chance to survive

 In these days of concern about the environment, trees are more important than ever. Do support us if you can.

More information about ash dieback is available from:

Adur and Worthing Council at

Change to February Task Day

Saturday, February 17

10:00 – 12:00
This February’s task day is being moved from Sunday 18th Feb to Sat 17th Feb.  We will still meet at the car park at 10am and will be going to the Diamond Jubilee Plantation field to plant the new elm trees.  The change is being made to accommodate the local White Letter Hairstreak expert from Butterfly Conservation with whom we have been working.  We are sorry if this is inconvenient for any of our regular task day helpers.  We will return to our normal Sunday next month.  If you are not usually able to come to the Sunday task days, why not join us for the Saturday tree planting?

Workplace Volunteering

From time to time we have had Employee workplace volunteers offering to help with the work on the Reserve.  If your company or employees are interested in helping out in any way do contact our Chair or Secretary or use the form below.  It can be a useful team building experience and can be a very pleasant day making a real difference to our countryside areas.

Task Day 17-11-2013

The team got busy on clearing out some of Gorse and Bramble that has sprung up at the edge of the Dewpond.
Thanks to Mark Emery for the photos.


get down under it.. Its got to go! Henry shows mark his saw technique The Dewpond is getting a little overgrown Stuck in brambles again! Determination ..This is how its done! jump on it a bit... that will work ! stand back.. timbeeeer Have saw... will cut stuff down to ground level There's always time for a chat. its part of the fun

Task Day – Sunday March 18th

Sasha wrote in to say “Hello. Just to say that we had a lovely morning on Sunday, thank you..
Sasha, Martin, Lucy and Maria.”

She sent these photo’s

Task Day

In glorious late winter sunshine the Friends task day team got to work trimming back brambles and tree branches. ImageImageImage


It was good to see the drifts of Sweet Violets beginning to flower


A sure sign of spring approaching.