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Butterfly walk on the Clump – 19th July

Another Friends group in the area, the Friends of Whitebeam Wood, are holding a butterfly walk and survey on the Ring on Sat 19th July between 10am and 1pm.  They would like to extend a welcome to any FOLR members who would like to come along and join them.

Ash Die Back

If you are  concerned about the news of this new fungal disease threatening our Ash trees, then please take a look at these links..

Opal Conference 2012

Nature Recording

A new facility for recording your nature sightings and get expert identification.


Realising the value of our Grassland

Realising the value of our Grassland

Where the wildflowers are ~ The Grasslands Trust blog

Today, David Cameron was supposed to have given his first green speech since becoming prime minister – nearly two years after announcing that this would be the Greenest Government Ever. Damian Carrington in the Guardian lambasted Cameron for abandoning his plans for a keynote speech. There’s no question that he was planning to make this speech – we were one of the “green” groups that were canvassed for ideas to include in the speech and duly committed time and effort to developing ideas in the hope that Number 10 would spot a shiny bauble and pick it up. Instead, The Prime Minister has announced today that Green Energy “must be affordable” . Sound Familiar? – its the same refrain we heard from the Chancellor in the budget – “environmental sustainability must follow fiscal sustainability”  – that means we can only afford to be environmentally sustainable when we’ve got rid of…

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Lancing Ring LNR

small tortoiseshell_0494Lancing Ring DewpondSeven Spotted Ladybird0636Cyril's bench0509
"Care for a dance ?"green-veined white0377 Green-veined White03800366Bloody-nosed beetle 0349
sm.tort  0347gorse0309beefly 0267014099970002
9869DSCF0011Frozen Dewpond by Chris94339425spear thistle 8568

Lancing Ring LNR, a set by Lancing Nature on Flickr.

A selection of images from the Lancing Ring Flickr set of the plants and invertebrates found on the Local Nature reserve.

Happy Christmas from us

Tree Dressing

Would anyone be interested in doing something for Tree Dressing Day at the beginning of December ?


The Railway Land Project – a social and ecological project in Lewes

The Railway Land Project – a social and ecological project in Lewes.

Hotter than July !

It was a hot one for sure this Sunday when the mist cleared. The heat brought out the Marbled White butterflies. Not that i saw a lot in my short visit, maybe ten or so. One Small Tortoiseshell, about a dozen  Meadow Brown and a few Small Skippers  skipped about.