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Ash Die Back

If you are  concerned about the news of this new fungal disease threatening our Ash trees, then please take a look at these links..


Nature Recording

A new facility for recording your nature sightings and get expert identification.


Lancing Ring LNR

small tortoiseshell_0494Lancing Ring DewpondSeven Spotted Ladybird0636Cyril's bench0509
"Care for a dance ?"green-veined white0377 Green-veined White03800366Bloody-nosed beetle 0349
sm.tort  0347gorse0309beefly 0267014099970002
9869DSCF0011Frozen Dewpond by Chris94339425spear thistle 8568

Lancing Ring LNR, a set by Lancing Nature on Flickr.

A selection of images from the Lancing Ring Flickr set of the plants and invertebrates found on the Local Nature reserve.

The Railway Land Project – a social and ecological project in Lewes

The Railway Land Project – a social and ecological project in Lewes.

The Lancing Herald reports..

Dog mess ruining Lancing Clump – Worthing Today .

Sussex Police Online – Operation Eyrie

Posters describing this operation have been pinned to posts on Lancing Ring, I noted one at the top of McIntyres Field.

Sussex Police Online – Operation Eyrie.

Sussex Police are working in partnership with Sussex Peregrine Study to launch Operation Eyrie – an initiative to protect our wild birds of prey and bring offenders to justice.

Dewpond panorama on Flickr

Lancing Ring dewpond panorama on Flickr 

From a warm day in March 2009

Help needed to solve caterpillar conundrum – Butterfly Conservation

Help needed to solve caterpillar conundrum – Butterfly Conservation.

Lancing Ring on Flickr

For Flickr fans there is a group for Lancing Ring.
New members are welcome and to add photos of Lancing Ring