The RSPB has designated the South Downs as a Futurescape..

Name: Emily Clark
Message: Hello

The RSPB has designated the South Downs as a Futurescape to celebrate and help encourage the responsible use and enjoyment of this amazing place.

We have also launched our first ever South Downs Futurescape Photography Competition and would very much appreciate it if you would highlight the competition to your group members, or feature us in your newsletter.

Through our competition you can help us to highlight the beauty of the South Downs and help the RSPB to do more for habitats and wildlife there. In the future we hope that stone curlews will flock to raise their chicks on healthy farmland, water voles will be safe to make their homes in our rivers and brooks, butterflies will abound on gloriously preserved chalk grassland and in well-managed woodland, and nightjars will fill the night skies over heathland with their churring calls.

The competition runs until 28 February 2014.  To find out more about our categories, judges and to view prizes, rules and Terms & Conditions, please visit our webpage at:

We are happy to provide more information should you need it.

With many thanks,
Emily Clark



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