News Updates

1. The Friends of Lancing Ring are to be one of the Waitrose in-store community groups for October.

We were delighted to receive an email from Waitrose telling us of the news.

How it works – shoppers are given a green token and they put it in the tub for one of the 3 chosen groups.  At the end of the month they add up the tokens and we will receive a share of £1000, depending on the number of the tokens given to our cause.  This will be great as it will help us replace some equipment.  Please tell friends and family about us and ask for their support and don’t forget to pop into Waitrose if you have any tokens lying around at home from previous shops.

All support will be gratefully received.

2. We will not be holding our Autumn Coffee morning this year.

The Committee regretfully decided that the work falls to a very small number of people and the amount taken makes the Coffee morning unviable.  We are sorry if anyone is inconvenienced by this.

3. We will be at the Lancing Christmas Street Fair on 7th Dec instead.  More details to follow.



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