Do you fancy a dip ?

On the Task Sunday of 19th June, the friends will be tidying the area in and around the Dewpond.
We would like to welcome members and friends to bring along the kids to indulge in a little fun pond dipping session. We may discover some interesting critters living in there.
This will involve a minimal amount of disturbance to the wildlife .
There will be a tray for you to put finds into and identify the animals before they are returned unharmed.
(If you have dogs you are requested to prevent them from jumping in the water)
So come along at 10am if you would like meet up with the hard working task force 🙂

To make your visit even better why not visit this link, download the survey form and bring it along with you


One response to “Do you fancy a dip ?

  1. The pond water level was too low for any useful pond-dipping but the task force got busy clearing litter and over grown brambles from around the area

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