21 June 2010

From a distance McIntyre’s Field (north of Lancing Manor and the eastern part of Lancing Ring Nature Reserve) was covered in the yellow of Bird’s Foot Trefoil, and close-up hundreds of small moths and butterflies could be disturbed in the long grass meadow. The numbers were exceptional and included frequent Common Blue Butterflies of both genders, frequent Burnet Companion Moths, numerous Common Carpet Moths, and at least a dozen species that had to remain unidentified because of lack of time and knowledge. The much larger Meadow Brown Butterflies were also frequently seen.

A male Broad-bodied Chaser (dragonfly), Libellula depressa, rose from a dry mud patch next to Lancing Ring dewpond and flew into the scrub where it hid. Two each of  Small Tortoiseshell Butterflies and Large Skippers were seen in the path to the meadows by the Cemetery on the southern part of the Nature Reserve.

via June 2010 ADUR NATURE NOTES by Andy Horton


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