Did you enjoy the three weeks of Springwatch on BBC 2 ?
I was addicted to every minute of it. The number of subjects crammed in to the all too short, one hour shows was impressive.
Quite a lot of attention was given to birds nests but also there were the mammals from mice to deer, insects from ants to dragonflies, fish from minnows to basking sharks, as well as reptiles like snakes and lizards and amphibians like frogs and newts. Not forgetting the plants and algae from trees to sea weeds.
So does that relate to Lancing Ring?, yes it certainly does, Many of those species above will be found around the nature reserve…. ok, maybe not basking sharks but you can see the English Channel from the hill-top where they sometimes venture into.
Everything in nature is connected, so the reserve shouldn’t be seen in isolation but as part of the wildlife scene of Sussex and beyond.

So have you been for a walk around the reserve recently?, now in mid-June the area is teeming with new life, from the birds that have bred and nested there  to the insects that feed on nectar and pollen, some of those have been food to nestlings but many will survive and reproduce themselves.
The reserve is a treat even if you don’t see very much of the wildlife, the open space with its variety of grassland, flowering plants and trees is pleasure enough for an hours walk in the sunshine.
So please go and enjoy it if you can.


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