Grassy clearings

Jan and I formed a work party of two and set to removing the brambles encroaching a small sheltered grassy clearing at the southern end of the clump.

Before bramble clearance

The area measuring about 35 m, sq, had been previously cleared in the winter of 2008/09 allowing the ground covering flora to flourish. This consisted predominantly of Glechoma hederacea otherwise known as Ground Ivy, an important herb and nectar plant flowering in early spring. This makes it valuable for newly emerged Bumblebees and other winged invertebrates.
I made several visits to this site in the spring of 2009 to record the insect activity on the Ground Ivy, an important discovery was that it was hosting a population of Dotted Bee-fly, a nationally scarce species and listed in the UK Species Action Plan.

Bombylius discolor , Dotted Bee-fly

Recently work by the management team for the reserve has carried out much needed winter brush-cutting work and has included the further creation of sheltered clearings that provide ideal sites for nectar producing flora to establish and thus supporting better populations of our native invertebrate species.

After bramble clearance


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