Spider hunt

The hunt for the Wasp Spider is on again. Argiope bruennichi is usually found at this time of year in certain areas of the reserve, notably in the Chalkpit. I set out this afternoon intent to find it in that area having failed to spot any on the west slope of the reserve where i thought it may have established by this time.

Wasp Spider

Wasp Spider

I first noticed these distinctive large Orb Web spiders on the reserve about four years ago and have been noting their appearance each year since.
I did manage to see just one of the large females in grass on the northern edge of the chalk pit, but disappointingly, the only one i could find.

One response to “Spider hunt

  1. I have a beautiful, I think is an argiope, spider on my window. I am terrified of spiders but this one is so amazing that I can’t bear to kill it. It’s web is like a step ladder. He/she is black and white and sits all day on a puffy looking bed. I touched the web, very carefully, and she ran up the top “ladder” so I could see her bed. I won’t be cleaning that window.

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