Lancing Ring Nature

5 August 2009

One large dragonfly with a bright blue abdomen cruised over Lancing Ring dewpond without stopping for at least 15 minutes and probably considerably longer. It did not seem big enough for an Emperor Dragonfly but this its most likely identity. The first red Common Darter (dragonfly) of the year was also seen whilst I was waiting for this large impressive insect to settle so I could have a closer look.

On the approaches to Lancing Ring there were the expected few each of Speckled Woods, Gatekeepers, Common Blues, Large Whites and one Red Admiral. In the meadow at the top of McIntyre’s Field the first butterfly was a tattered Green-veined White and both Common Blues and Meadow Browns were frequently seen with one Brown Argus identified and more suspected although some turned out to be female Common Blues. A Brimstone Butterfly and Yellow Shell Moth were seen at the entrance to the eastern car park on Lancing Ring Nature Reserve with frequent Speckled Woods under the trees.

The large meadows to the south-east of the main clump of trees was much more overgrown than in previous years (because of the rain) and the dense and varied grasses and herbs hosted frequent Common Blues but not nearly as many as seen in the best years when thousands were actually seen. There were frequent Meadow Browns and frequent Silver Y Moths with a few Brown Argus Butterflies and a few Large Whites. Hemp Agrimony bordering the hedgerow that can be found along the south side of the main meadow is a nectar plant visited by numerous butterflies, but there was not as many as previous years although the small patch was visited by a few Peacock Butterflies, the inevitable Painted Ladies, a few Common Blues and at least two each of Meadow Brown, and Gatekeeper and a single Small Tortoiseshell. Two Clouded Yellow Butterflies flew strongly over the short grass immediately to the east of the main clump of trees. There was single Wall Brown flying around near the dewpond.

Full Butterfly Report

via Lancing Ring Nature. by Andy Horton


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