Video of visit on Sunday 12th July

The walk was about an hour in length

We arrived at the main car park at around 3:30 in the afternoon and walked into the reserve via the wooded area, reaching the grassy meadow and taking the low path on the south side.
Here was sheltered from gusty wind which was keeping any butterflies from flight.
A few Small Skippers and a Marbled White were active, mostly on the flower heads of the Greater Knapweed.
About half way along, we headed up the slope keeping among the shelter of bushes where possible and made our way to the Dewpond.
Checking for signs of Dragonflies, there was none on the wing. It was still gusty and flight would of been hard work .
Another visitor spoke to us about the sighting of a small Yellow Snake, he had seen on the bank of the Dewpond. Also of seeing some youths with a Vivariam type container.

We continued our walk into the Beech woods area aiming for the far side walking via the area of replanted beech and ash.

Among the woods in the sheltered dappled sunlit spots, were several butterflies . A Comma, two Gatekeepers, Red Admiral, Speckled Wood and Large White.

Beyond the trees in an area of bramble a male Broad-bodied Chaser Dragonfly was seen resting in the sunny sheltered space.
His work of mating and guarding the females when they were egg depositing over the Dewpond is done. Hopefully larvae will develop and flourish .
Heading southwards through the tree canopy a noisy group of Long-tailed tits, twittered in the branches of  Ash trees which swayed in the wind blowing overhead.
We left the woodland crossing back through the meadow and headed home for a cup of  tea.


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