The Day the Friends had their Picnic

July 5th would have been Joe Barrow’s birthday, our former friend and chairman who passed away earlier this year. It seemed right to choose the day to have a summer picnic to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Friends of Lancing Ring.

The event was organised by committee members and their partners Henry (Chairman) & wife Della, Veronica (Vice chairman), Sue (membership), Adrienne (Secretary) & husband David accompanied by Jan & myself.

The Friends of Lancing Ring

The Friends of Lancing Ring

We set up a  marquee  next to the Dewpond and there were tables with displays of information about the group.
Members arranged several activities including a treasure hunt and a bug hunt for visitors of all ages to have fun.


from right, Grace, Jamie and Amie, Ruby is seated, 3 others un-named

Adrienne provided home-made fruit punch and other soft drinks.

The afternoon was warm and sunny and ideal for the picnic.

A trickle of  visitors and their children came, enjoyed the fruit punch and took part in the fun activities.

It was a successful event even if attendance was lower than had been hoped for.

Friends relax by the Dewpond

Friends relax by the Dewpond

We all enjoyed the afternoon getting to know each other a little better in shared company and know that Joe would have approved.

A slide show of some photos from the day

Cheers Joe


5 responses to “The Day the Friends had their Picnic

  1. Sarah Morlidge (nee Barrow)

    I came upon you blog quite by accident, but was moved to see that you remembered my dad. He would have loved to know that you were carrying on looking after the dew pond!

    • Hello Sarah, It’s great to hear from you
      Thank you, Joe is always in mind when I visit the Ring or add anything to this blog/website.
      His love for the place is an inspiration for all of us that will continue and develop.
      I will mention your comments at the forthcoming A.G.M meeting.

  2. My sister forwarded the website address to me. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your efforts. The Day The Friends Had Their Picnic looks great. I`m sure dad would have been a bit embarrassed!

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