McIntyres Meadow

We took in a circuit of McIntyres Meadow, on a warm Thursday evening after collecting a crop of potatoes and other produce from the adjacent allotment.

The grasses now look golden brown after the week’s hot weather with drifts of white Hedge Bedstraw and patches of  yellow Agrimony adding colour.
Occassional dots of pink from the blooms of Pyramidal Orchids lending a contrast to the tapestry.

grasshopper 8255Another dimension of the experience is the steady comb flicking chatter sound of male Meadow Grasshoppers signalling to the females.
There were many empty exoskeletal cases on stalks of grass where a moult had taken place, and the next stage of the insects life had begun. Maybe not full adult imago stage but an instar prior to adulthood.


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