Rain prevented play

I thought I might catch the work party on the clump following the easing of wet weather, but the task for day was called off. It was still very blustery when I got there at around 10:30. I decided to walk around and explore a bit. In the open meadow the winds were howling and flattening the tall grasses. Once I got into the woodland it calmed down. the leaves above rustled in the strong wind but it was relatively still in the shelter of the trees. I walked up through until I reached the track and the fenced field. The view northwards was photogenic where a wooden fence post balanced a clump of trees on a distant mound

View from Ruap track northwards

View from the old track northwards

I turned right and headed for the Dewpond.
I hadnt expected there to be any butterflies on the wing, but in a sunny spot among the trees a Green Veined White butterfly had found a safe sheltered space.

The Banner at the top of this site was due for refreshing, the previous image was a view looking toward the Dewpond was taken before leaves appeared on the trees.
I think it will be a good idea to keep banner images seasonally refreshed.

On reaching the bottom of the slope at the edge of the butterfly meadow, the carpeting Silver Weed Potentilla anserina had come into flower. The short rabbit nibbled  turf was speckled with hundreds of small yellow blooms. reminiscent of buttercups but having much shorter stems.




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