Walls and Adders

Path through College farm to Cow Bottom

Path to Cow Bottom

A detour from the usual visit to the clump was taken today, we took the path across the field of College Farm that goes on through Cow Bottom and eventually arrives at Coombes Church. We turned back at the point where the path crosses the college farm track.
On the return a mystery butterfly caught our attention and managed to elude a good enough view to be identified. Any hope that it might be something previously unrecorded in the area was given up.

Applesham Bank SNCI

Applesham Bank SNCI

We had hoped it might be possible to gain access to the designated SNCI area known as Applesham Bank but although it is supposed to be accessible there appeared to be no gap in the barbed wire fencing. While looking for a possible gate we walked the edge of the field, we stopped in our tracks half way along it. An Adder was laying on the path and slightly startled Jan who had almost trod on it. The snake was small as Adders go, it slid off before we had chance to get a photograph.

Eventually we arrived back on the Clump and made our way down the hill, skirting the woodland area.
It was an exciting moment to see first one then two Wall Brown butterflies in the dappled shady edges. By the time we reached the bottom we had seen two more. This was quite a special event as I have only ever seen one Wall butterflyon the Ring before. We also had good look at an Orange Tip which was basking on a leaf for a few moments. The second sighting of that species for the day.
Other species seen were Speckled Wood, Peacock and Brimstone


One response to “Walls and Adders

  1. I think that Wall Browns are quite occasional to frequent on Lancing Ring. One of the best places to see them. Better than Mill Hill usually. The best place is on the bridlepath from Mossy Bottom to Slonk Hill Farm, north of Shoreham.

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