Afternoon walk

Took a walk on the reserve from Halewick Lane, up through the course grassy slope. I disturbed a basking Grass Snake which slid off into undergrowth. Continuing up under the Hawthorn canopy where the closeness of the contorted tree trunks give an eerie sense to the atmosphere.

 Crossing the track and into the Ash Woodland and I come upon the area of Early Purple Orchids, now in full flower.

Early Purple Orhid

Early Purple Orchid

Coming out of the woodland onto another path leading up to the Dewpond. Here I am accompanied by several Speckled Wood, an Orange Tip and a Brimstone butterfly. Arriving at the Dewpond for a quick look. No sign of Odonata, which is a fancy word for Dragonflies and Damselflies.

I turn south and return on the same path, again passed by the Brimstone that overtook me earlier.
At the clump of Ground Ivy I had been watching on previous visits i checked for insect life. Some Bumblebees and other unidentified flies, no Bee-flies this time.
I mustnt forget to mention the birdsong which all the while is filling the air quite loudly. I dont know all the songs but the definite call of Robins and Chiff-chaff stood out to me.
I Worked my way round the slope to return to the carpark at Halewick Lane


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